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Textiles: Getting on the Interior Design Map

textiles: painted canvas rugs
Bug Design Rug

A Lifetime of Textiles and Painting

While writing a To Do list I had scribbled a note: “Put yourself on the map.” This last week was spent taking steps to do just that with my original, hand painted textiles.

The Contemporary Art and Design Museum in San Jose, Costa Rica, offers an open forum for selected designers and artists to display their work in a dedicated room within the museum. I made an entry for a hand painted canvas rug measuring 14 ft x 5 ft with a Chevron Stripe Design. Canvas rugs are not only an interior design element, they are works of art. Although floor cloths are an old art form dating back to the 1400’s, modern canvas rugs makers today are making strides with new materials and finishes reinventing this old art form.

I am pretty excited about the prospect of showing one of my creations in an art museum; will keep you posted on this particular development as it unfolds.

Textiles Road Show in USA

Meanwhile, I received an email from an organization called the Ibero-American Textile Network- Redtextilia. Redtextillia is a non-profit association founded in Costa Rica dedicated to promoting knowledge and development of Ibero-American textile culture within its three branches of education, patrimony, and creation.

Hand Painted Wall Hanging

The founder, Paulina Ortiz, is one of the judges for 2013 Fiberart International. This is an international forum for artists working in the fiber and textiles medium. In addition to its many cash prizes the reason I hope to be invited to participate is that of having my work to be on tour for two years throughout the USA. I received this email 3 days before the submission date expires and wondered why would I receive a notice so late?

I rallied and selected one of my favorite creations, the Bug Rug (top), a hand painted canvas area rug with designs inspired by insects such as caterpillars, butterflies and beetles and photographed it to the specs required from Fiberart Int’l. I also chose one of my first canvas wall hangings, the Coconut Tree, with stamping techniques, a gift made for my daughter for her dorm room when she left home for university. And lastly, I chose a second wall hanging in my living room, the Bird of Paradise, as my entries for the show.

Both the rug and the wall hangings are hand painted on heavy weight cotton canvas using latex house paint. I made my submission today and look forward to the possibility to exposing my art in a whole new venue.

Map Driven for Success

This may sound silly, but after decades of painting on textiles useful items such as clothing,

Original Art on Canvas

beach bags and canvas rugs, I think it was finally the requests for home decorations with wall hangings that confirmed for me that I am truly an artist. I believe this growth spurt will expand not only my mind but my world and finally, someday, put me on the map!

I’d be interested to know what drives my readers and visitors to step outside their comfort level and reach for new heights – in either business or personal. Leave me a comment below and I promise to respond.

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