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Area Rugs-A Vital Part of Interior Decor

area rug
Creating Stunning Art for Tropical Area Rug

Areas Rugs What to Use for Tropical Climate

Area rugs are an integral part of interior design. They can be a focal point of the area where they are placed, or complement the focal point of a room such as the furnishings or artwork. However they are integrated into the interior decor, area rugs are a vital part of the life of the room.   

Area rugs
Tropical Porch


Area rugs for tropical climes can be a challenge. The weather is warm, windows are open to tropical breezes, and the doors are opened onto decks and pool areas or even, the beach.

Fiber area rugs do not work well in these conditions and so, enter the wonderful world of hand painted canvas rugs. Canvas area rugs are a beautiful addition to any home in any climate; however they are perfect for the tropics and warm weather conditions. The painted and varnished canvas even feels cozy to the feet, a nice change from hard ceramic floors.

Area Rugs Give Dramatic Pause

Sheila Wach from Casa del Pacifico, focuses much of her work in very tropical climates in Costa Rica. Her last project was an outstanding home located high in the hills overlooking the ocean. The sprawling home has sliding doors from the kitchen and living area leading onto a large deck and swimming pool.

Because of a column located next to the living room the space for the couch and entertainment center became smaller than originally anticipated creating an intimate area. Sheila wanted a 8’ x 9’ canvas rug for this space. It was to be the first thing one would see upon entering the home and she wanted a dramatic statement.


Area rug
Bamboo Design

Sheila perused the designs already created from Laurels Originals Design Gallery.  Although Laurel creates original designs according to each client’s needs, many design ideas can be gleaned from this gallery. She liked a simple two color bamboo design for the border of the area rug. For the center we discussed a design called basket weave, that when stamped creates the look of a well worn woven mat. We didn’t want the area in the center to be too large, the focus was on the bamboo.

The end border size was wider than the sides because the couch and coffee table would obscure part of the design. Sheila wanted the bamboo to extend into the center where the corner of the couch would be and also in the corner where the entrance was. We measured borders, selected colors and fine tuned the details and came up with the finished idea.

The Unveiling

Area rug
Detail Bamboo Area Rug

Sheila didn’t want to see any photos of the rug in progress. She likes the unveiling on site.

We were all very happy with the results. More importantly, the client loved the results as well! It’s a stunning design that made the room.

Area rugs can make a statement in of itself or unify the overall design of a room. They are an important part of making a home or work place decor complete. We love making custom area rugs that fit into any idea of interior decor and look forward to hearing about your ideas and comments.

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