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Bathroom Rugs Safe Beautiful Design

bathroom rugs

A Whole New Level for Bathrooms

Bathroom rugs made from canvas, painted and varnished are a surprising and refreshing take on the whole fuzzy rug choice we normally imagine. But canvas rugs work surprisingly well!

The fiber rug is absorbent, whereas the canvas rug is not. However, fuzzy rugs need constant washing, wear out quickly, and use a lot of soap and water.

In contrast, canvas rugs are non-slip, can be wiped down with a mop and are very durable.

This condo in Nosara, Costa Rica shows a canvas bathroom rug that has the same design as the rugs in the bedroom. The area is very narrow so the option of making a custom size worked really well here.

bathroom rugs

In the second bathroom in the same condo, we made two small rugs. One is a mat for the shower. The canvas rugs do help prevent slipping. They are tacked down so they don’t slide. The surface is slightly rough from the grain of the canvas. Also, the underside is sealed so it’s resistant to mold and humidity. 

Designs for Bathroom Rugs

Canvas rug designs are endless. Imagine all the shades of one house paint color catalog. Add to that designs that coordinate with tiles, art on the walls, wall color and you might even be overwhelmed with all of your options. But don’t worry, I can help you there!

bathroom rugs


Linda chose the Quilt Design canvas rug for her bathroom. Her 90 year old mother was coming to visit and she wanted to make sure there was a safe bathroom rug when coming out of the shower. This rug was large enough to extend to the toilet. The base coat was the same color used on the newly painted walls and the rest of the colors were coordinated with the Quilt Design.

This client in Maryland sent us photos of art on the walls and chose the colors for a unique

narrow bathroom rug for the long walkway leading from the main part of the bathroom to the shower.


bath runner

“Hi Laurel, We are very happy with the bathroom runner. 

I’m already looking for another place to put your “rug art”. Working with you was easy and professional.

Thank you. ”  Gail 


Canvas rug art for the floors is a safe and beautiful option for bathroom rugs. They fit in any space, they stay in good shape and they prevent slipping.

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  1. Beautiful job….just love it.
    What do you use to prevent the rug from slipping on the tile. I have been following you art work forever …love all of Your designs.
    Peace and love


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