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Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa

Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa is an intimate two-story hotel with 4 restaurants, pool, yoga area and of course palapas on the beach with lounge chairs and little flags to use when you want more drinks brought to you from the bar!

Palapas on Manchebo Beach

This was my treat to visit and design tropical decor for the hotel. The lounge of Ike’s Bistro featured two large jute rugs that matched the color of the light wood floor. There were a few accents of color in the blue pillows and green potted plants. The simple neutral color of the jute was not in keeping with the bright cheery colors of this Caribbean island.

Ike’s Bistro with Jute Rugs

Edgar Roelofs, manager of Manchebo Bay Resort and Spa said, “Let’s bring some of the green from the outdoor plants inside.” The sun shines brightly on the green plants making them glow. I whipped out my paint swatch kit and found bright tropical colors for the area rugs. The greens popped out on the pale wood floor.

I opted for a border design leaving the center in the Basket Weave Design to break up the bright colors and have something under the glass tables.

Where do you put art in a restaurant lounge with no walls? On the floor!

This tropical decor tied in the green from outdoors, from the pots holding indoor plants, and even the blue details of the pillows. I snuck in an interesting detail from the furniture that guests might recognize making the piece even more unique.

Small boutique hotels have the opportunity to add details that make their place stand out. Personalized art adds a beautiful feature in any type of décor.

Let’s design something for your hotel or your home. Make it a happy place. Just like Aruba.

Ike’s Bistro Aruba

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