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Bedroom Rugs

bedroom rugs
Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom Rugs Make The Room

When decorating a bedroom, the goal usually is to create a calm and restful space. Many people consider placing a typical woven rug at the side of a bed; I propose use of canvas rugs and in additional places. Creating unique bedroom rugs made of canvas with custom designs and colors helps bring elements of decor together. And, a small detail within a room can become the impetus for expanding a peaceful space…including the floor.

One client had recently finished her newly built home and had just such a need: bedroom rugs for the guest room. With its two single beds the small room was enveloped in a single color scheme: floor, walls and the bed covers were all of soft, neutral and beige tones, very soothing for a bedroom. However, there were some points of color to brighten up the room.

Bedroom Rugs Accenting Décor bedroom decor

On the beds: accent pillows, one an eggplant color and the other an ethnic type print with lime green, fuchsia and turquoise. The pillow colors were muted, but interesting focal points for the room. My client and I decided to place a larger canvas bedroom rug at the foot of the two beds, as a welcoming entrance into the small room. We also decided that the base color of the rug should be a softer tone of the deep eggplant color from the pillow with a darker eggplant color bordering the perimeter of the rug.

To add a little more depth and interest, a thin stripe separating the border and the center of the bedroom rug was needed; my client chose a turquoise represented on the pillows. It was a bright detail but made the center pop out from the border and provided a much needed punch of color.

bedroom rugsThe wooden night stands had a nice detail of woven rattan on the drawers. The client referred to this and wondered if I could replicate it. Indeed! The basket weave was one of my very first stamps; I suggested a stamp similar but with a crisscross effect. I love using stamps for canvas rugs designs because of the many different effects they produce. Applying pressure to the stamp a certain way gives the weave a richer dimensional, more natural look, as if it were a woven mat softened by footsteps.

Be Creative with Canvas [Bedroom] Rugs

Bedroom rugs can be welcoming, comforting, adding to the overall goal of a calm and peaceful space. Custom canvas rugs allow for more creativity, adding your own designer’s stamp to a room. It is always a pleasure to work with clients who have ideas and being able to collaborate with them to make their visions come to life. This custom bedroom rug brought the room together with soothing colors and just the right touch of pizzazz!

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