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Dining Room Rugs: A Study in Evolving Décor

dining room rugs
Custom Painted Dining Room Rug

A New Look at Dining Room Rugs

With renovating or new construction, many home owners and designers have stepped away from the traditional dining room, creating a more casual and open floor plan that combines the kitchen and the dining area. To help define the dining area of this larger area, traditional (fiber/woven) dining room rugs can cause consternation mostly because such rugs trap dirt,  food stains, etc. Can you guess where I’m going with this? Yep!  A canvas rug is an ideal option for a dining area rug. With this article I’d like to share with you a project of such a room; if you feel motivated to comment, please let me know your thoughts below.

Elements in Designing Dining Room Rugs

Often rugs are used as a focal point when decorating; depending on your style and preference, the dining room rug can either blend in with surrounding décor or stand out with a bold design or color.  I like to recommend using one or some of the elements of the room in the rug’s design. Sometimes, however, things develop differently.

mexican tile painted dining room rug
Original Mexican Tile Dining Room Rug

In this case, a cozy living+kitchen+dining room and been created with my Mexican tile design as the octagonal dining room rug. Originally it was the only rug in the room and with its colorful “Mexican tiles” of deep blue, green, orange painted with a Burnt Orange background, it was indeed a focal point. This home has since undergone many changes in the interior décor since the installation of that rug. The wood floor, wood walls and wood table called for some color for contrast and the wood chairs were painted the same deep blue color found in one of the “tiles” from the dining room rug.

painted area rugs
After Image of Painted Canvas Rugs for Dining+Living Room Areas

Then over the course of time, a wood stove had been added to the room. A creamy, golden colored stone was used as a base for the stove and covered a section of the wall to protect the wood from the heat of the stove and its chimney. Later, a very detailed custom canvas area rug had been added to the living area. This area rug, we named it the Bug Rug (click for cool video), was primarily a deep maroon and violet combination of colors; the border appeared tile-like with each “tile” inspired by the details of insects.

The colors of the stone wall and the living area rug had dramatically changed the focus of the room. And the homeowner was tired of looking at blue chairs, as sometimes happens. We all like to change up our interior décor occasionally, right? Here is where the magic of paint comes in, not only for a change in the furniture color but also for change in the dining room rug to complement the rest of the room.

Inspired by a Color

The furniture paint was actually the inspiration for a new dining room rug: a soft, bronze-olive green for the chairs. This green was actually of the same color used in the Bug Rug. Replacing the existing Mexican tile rug, it was decided to use the same green border (keeping with the octagonal/Mexican tile style) with a tan accent and using beige in the center of the octagonal dining room rug. The beige allowed the pedestal of the wood dining table to pop out. As the rug progressed it was clear the plain center could use some detail. So, I applied the same stamp used in the living area rug for the new dining area rug. Now we had two area rugs that complemented each other without competing. Eclectic can get a little too busy.

rug for restaurant
Restaurant Dining Area Rug

The olive green color went beautifully with the  golden rock treatment; the simple design produced a soothing effect and the lighter shade of beige helps to enlarge the room. Finally, it was done…a lovely ending to a year-long interior décor project. And as is true for all canvas rugs, both the dining and living room areas allows for all the eating and drinking  dining room rugs can take – easily wiped clean at a moment’s notice! Let the party begin!



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