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Custom Design Rugs Make a Splash

Custom design rugs

Custom Design Rugs

Custom design rugs are a chance to make what you want where you want it.  And not only for the design on the rug but the shape and size.

 There is freedom that kind of makes you giddy when you get started with custom design rugs.

My most recent project was for a condo in Nosara, a beautiful little beach town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. I made a visit to look at the condo and see where some custom design rugs could fit into the interior décor.

The beautiful condo had soft neutral colors but hardly any color at all other than beiges and browns. Frank Hintz of Ship Shape Renovations who created most of the exquisite furniture for the condo threw out his arm and said: “ I want to see color everywhere!”

Custom Design Rugs, where to start?

Good idea, but I wasn’t clear on the design direction until he suggested looking at the art on the walls. It was clear the owner likes bold primary colors.

Custom design rugs

I created the Cowrie Shell rug for the living room. Although it’s not especially colorful it was the perfect design for the living area.

For the master bedroom, I made the Gold Leaf design for runners alongside the king bed. On these, I used bright red and bold blue instead of the muted earthy colors I normally use.

Custom Design rugs
Custom Design Rugs for Bedroom

As well I made a bathroom rug in the same design. When I make custom design rugs it allows for continuity for the separate bedrooms and their bathrooms.

Custom Design rugs
Custom Design for Bathroom

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

 I used the  Quilt Design for the bathroom of the second bedroom. This was designed with larger squares and bright colors using ethnic designs, The bathroom with its’ wood furniture and grey slate floors is beautiful but needed a hit of color which this brightly colored Quilt Rug gave!

In the bedroom, I made the Banana Tree Rug placed in between the two queen beds and a simple Jute Design as runner rugs for the other sides of the beds. I did add a bright red line to give a pop of color and tie them into the red in the Banana Tree Rug.Custom d

Custom Design rugs
The Banana Tree

In all 9 canvas rugs made a beautiful condo even more bright and cheerful. As well they are so easy to clean. The housekeepers were happy to learn all they have to do is sweep and mop along with the rest of the floor, A perfect solution for beach living and design functionality.

Bonus Gift

In the end, I was photographing some other rugs I had taken along just to use the venue to showcase my rugs. As I put one runner in front of a love seat in the living area I knew I had to leave it there. It was a perfect match for the area rug.


The owner was happy with that bonus gift!  If you want to play with ideas for custom design rugs feel free to email me. Please make a comment below if you have any ideas, questions, or comments. Thank you!




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3 thoughts on “Custom Design Rugs Make a Splash”

  1. Laurel, our rug looks beautiful in our cabin and we love it!

    Loved seeing the pictures you posted of the condo in Nosaro. We never saw them before we left. They really gave the rooms the splash they needed. Lovely. You are an expert artist.

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate you’re letting me know how happy you are with the rug. I like to know how they are getting along when I send them out of the studio!

  2. oh my,
    I love all of these floor cloths. I especially like the designs that you have chosen to create on them. Thank you for posting them. I’ll give this link to my students too.


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