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Canvas rug, sew or glue?

Gluing a canvas floor cloth

How to glue a canvas rug hem.

Canvas rug, sew or glue? This seems to be a big question I get and so here, will answer. I started making canvas floorcloths by following a book called Floorcloth Magic by Lisa Curry Mair.

She gives very explicit instructions on how to glue a painted canvas rug. For my preference, I choose to sew. But some aren’t comfortable sewing and so here I will explain how to glue the hems. This is from Lisa’s book, Floorcloth Magic,  not my personal experience.

First, you will need to make or buy a stretcher. Cut the rug canvas 3 inches longer and 3 inches wider than your finished canvas rug. Tack or staple the canvas onto the stretcher.

Paint and varnish your canvas rug.

Marking your hem and glue lines.

When the last coat of polyurethane is dry remove the rug canvas from the frame. On both sides use a pencil to mark 3” in around the size of your floor cloth. This will be your fold line, where you’ll fold the hem. From that line, you will mark a line 1”. This will be your cutting line. You will cut this leftover material leaving you with a 1” hem.

I personally use a 1.5” hem and you may choose to do that as well.

IMPORTANT!  Draw a line across the corner and through the point where the two fold lines intersect. Cut off the excess canvas. This will create the miter and prevents a lumpy corner.

Use rubber cement, Start gluing your 1” hem around the edges on all four sides. Allow the glue to rest until it is tacky. Apply a second coat and allow that to get tacky as well.

Start turning the hem in the middle of one side and fold it along the fold line pressing with the back of a spoon to flatten it out. Continue folding and pressing until the whole hem is folded and glued.

Thank you Lisa

Thank you Lisa Curry Mair for these instructions. Lisa had 20 years of making floor cloths when I purchased her book 15 years ago. She is my guru. I highly recommend her book

Floorcloth Magic although some of her techniques have changed over the years as we all do when constantly learning a craft.

Lisa has been a constant source of inspiration for me and I refer to her book all the time for ideas. If you have any questions for me please post them and I’ll get back to


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