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Disinfect a rug? No way!

disinfect rugs
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Disinfect a rug?

A  traditional fiber rug can be cleaned but how to disinfect? and keep clean?. If you’ve come here looking for an easier solution to keeping your rugs clean and have the ability to disinfect this is the place. 

Canvas rugs have always been a time saver in the cleaning department.

Because they are sealed with several coats of polyurethane varnish the canvas rug can be mopped with soap and water. OR disinfect your rug with a disinfectant such as Sani Pine or diluted Clorox in water.

Canvas rugs have always been ideal for kitchens and dining rooms where there is a greater chance of food and drinks spilling (unless it’s in front of my couch)

How do you keep it clean?

The question most often asked about the care of canvas rugs is how do you keep it clean?

After sweeping or using a Swiffer, use a damp mop to wipe the rug down. However, if grime builds up on the rug you can use a scrubber to lightly scrub the dirt off the rug. Many mops offer a scrubber such as the O Cedar Dual Action Microfiber mop.

Here I am offering a PDF with 11 mops as rated by On Cleapp the place of cleaning and appliances reviews. I’m so jealous. Living in Costa Rica has its advantages but here we use a cloth mop. Period.

Now more than ever it’s important to keep our homes safe and clean. Hopefully, this list of mops will give you some help on how to more easily keep your floors clean.

Canvas rugs are the best solution for a floor covering that’s easy to clean and disinfect.

They’re made in custom designs, colors, shapes, and sizes so no one will have one like it. You can have an original piece of art for your floor and be super relaxed about keeping it clean.

Canvas rugs are not just an interior décor choice they’re a lifestyle choice.

We give away a canvas rug in the colors you choose exclusively for Laurel’s Design email readers. Sign up for the chance to win your canvas rug. And relax, they’re easy to clean.


1 thought on “Disinfect a rug? No way!”

  1. Laurel, that was my frustration when we were in Costa Rica. No easy good mops. I didn’t like the idea of just pushing the dirt around. And, it’s hard, no, impossible to get into the corners with a cloth mop.

    Loved your article and LOVED the rugs you showed. Absolutely beautiful! We still enjoy our beautiful rug you created for our cabin. We miss you so much.


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