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Jute rugs made hassle free

jute rugs


Jute rugs, love or leave them?

Do you like the natural fiber look of a jute rug but are afraid of …..






The time and washing it takes to keep a jute rug clean?

Canvas rugs are an alternative that adds beauty to your home without the hassle.

Several coats of polyurethane protect the painted canvas for an easy to care for rug that’s a perfect choice for living in the tropics.

Jute rugs are an organic, natural looking option for your interior décor.

You’ve designed your look from the color of your furniture coverings, throw pillows, to art on the walls, and a natural fiber rug fits right in.

Jute rugs are beautiful but they have their challenges. Especially in the tropics where in some areas it rains six months out of the year.

They can turn moldy and collect sand, mud, and dust. And forget spilling that glass of red wine! So how can you have a natural fiber rug like a jute rug WITHOUT the fibers?

Hand Painted Jute Design Canvas Rugs

I’ve designed many rugs for interior designers that mimic a natural fiber look. In our studio we’ve even painted actual jute and pressed it onto the canvas for a natural look in any tone that compliments your décor.

We also created a stamp called the Basket Weave that mimics the look of a woven mat. When we stamp the uneven pressure creates a realistic pattern that looks almost worn out (but it’s not I promise)


jute rugs
Woven Mat Design Canvas Rug with Tile border

Choose the exact colors to go with your décor and add any detail on the border. I chose this tile design in Olive green to go in my bedroom. We’ve done this rug with the Quilt Design and Bamboo design and there is no limit to the options you have.

Jute rugs are an important part of interior décor. A canvas rug using the colors and design of your choice while providing that natural look is the best of both worlds.

It’s not just interior décor, it’s a lifestyle.

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