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Custom Rug Design

custom design

What is a custom rug?

How do you do it? What is the process?
It’s a conversation. Questions like:
1) I like the Circle Rug Design
2) Do you make custom sizes and colors?
3) How much would a 7’ x 9’ be in this design?

Ok, that’s a good conversation starter.

Next up: colors and design ideas.

DeeDee sent photos of the interior decor in the house for her custom rug

.” I like these colors. What do you think?”

We wrote to each other an email at the same time,” I think a deep purple (her email) or eggplant (my email) would be a great background.”   I created a custom color for the background,

Then I suggested we break it up a little.

I sent a photo of a Circle rug with the stamped center. DeeDee opted for a bright green to complement the borders of the hand-painted dining table where the rug was being placed.

I thought the details of the Circle Design would be lost under a table and the pop of green in the center would brighten up the rug. Here I sent samples of painting techniques and combinations of green we could use.

custom rugs

I had photos of the art and furnishings in the house close to where the custom rug was going. A swimming koi and lily pad from the hand-painted dining table went into these two circles. The mosaic from the fireplace. Flowers from the couch. Patterns from the rug in the living area.

This makes a truly personalized piece of art that surprises and delights!  The more you look at the rug the more little discoveries you make!. The circle rugs are full of details and patterns that are uncovered slowly as time goes by.

I’m honored to have been able to make this piece of art for such a lovely home.

custom rug
Home of DeeDee Pike, MA, USA

I am available for a consult anytime. I love discussing ideas and am happy to give any advice or feedback about a custom rug for your home.

It gives me joy. It gives you joy. What better outcome could you ask for?

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