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Black and White Rug Remake


black and white rug

Black and White Rug remake in canvas

Black and white rug with touches of some bright red make a stunning kitchen and bathroom rug. Nanette LOVED her cotton throws for her home in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. But cotton does not fare well in the jungle and after several washings, over the years the colors and design had faded.

“Can you help?”

Nanette loved the idea of canvas rugs for her home and hoped I could replicate the designs from her favorite rugs. One was for the bathroom and the other for the kitchen

I said yes without a clue as to HOW I could replicate the designs. Some parts were faded so I improvised on those. The rugs had brightly colored cotton threads attached also.

To Fringe or Not to Fringe?

Here is a picture of the old bathroom rug and its new canvas counterpart. I experimented with painting a fringe and Nanette loved it!

black and white rug
Painted fringe on the remake of black and white rug

Here is the “BEFORE” picture of the kitchen rug featured above. I traced the designs and hand-painted the tracing. As well I created stamps for some parts. We used a soft ivory white instead of a stark pure white for this black and white rug. It went well with the golden hue that oil-based polyurethane gives the colors.

black a.

As much as I love creating new designs I loved remaking this beautiful design of the black and white rug. It was challenging to not only recreate the appearance but the feel of this throw rug.

Nanette will find it much easier to take care of. all you do is sweep and mop along with the rest of the floor. No more washings, no more fading. she’ll enjoy it for many years.

Do you have a rug you can’t bear to part with? Maybe a canvas rug replicated is a good alternative for you. contact me to ask any questions. I answer every email.

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4 thoughts on “Black and White Rug Remake”

    • thank you Donna, I really appreciate it. I am glad I got to share this with you. I didn’t know what I was getting into but I enjoyed the challenge and the results.

    • I know I should be better at counting the hours. I would guess the larger rug took 20 hours. There was a lot of tracing and painting over the design and some stamping as well. thank you!


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