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Essential Natural Fiber Rugs


canvas rug natural fiber design
Natural Fiber Look with Painted Border

Natural fiber rugs

are a very organic, rich selection of interior décor. By creating a design when the color options are fulfilled through furniture coverings, throw pillows, wall color, a natural fiber rug is a simple option for the floor covering.

Tropical décor in particular often includes the outdoors, with large windows for vistas of the jungles, mountains, or ocean. Interior designers acknowledge the inclusion of the colors surrounding the home in the interior design because tropical homes so often are opened up to the environment around them.

The interior theme for such tropical homes may integrate natural materials in furniture such as rattan, bamboo blinds for window treatments and natural fiber rugs such as sisal or jute.

Natural Fiber Rugs with NO Fiber?

As beautiful natural fiber rugs are they have their challenges. In tropical climes, they can turn moldy, especially where there is a lot of rain. Also, spill some red wine and you may have trouble removing the stain! So how can you have a natural fiber rug look on a canvas rug?

natural fiber rug
Basket Weave Design

Many interior designers have asked me if we could create a canvas rug that mimics the look of natural fiber. Our first design was a stamp we call the Basket Weave. I actually wove strips of the stamping material to create this look. What makes it very special is when hand stamping the pressure cannot be perfectly even creating a worn look, much like a woven mat that has been walked upon.

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Interior designers particularly love this replication of a natural fiber rug because it not only gives them the option of the look they seek to create but they can choose any color to perfectly align with their interior décor.

Painting Natural Fiber Rugs


natural fiber canvas rug design
Jute Stamp Rug with Palm Frond Border

There are other techniques that we use to create a natural fiber rug “look” One is by painting burlap and using it as a stamp. From a standing point of view, the canvas rug looks like natural fiber. The smooth texture allows for easy cleaning.

Another beautiful option is using a sea sponge. This creates a stunning effect reminiscent of sea-washed sand.


The Intimate Touch

Canvas rugs with a natural fiber look have one other advantage aside from the ability to select

natural fiber canvas rug design
customized canvas rug

the colors for any interior design project. By making an exclusive design a designer can add a border that adheres to their theme.  Gillian Mckenzie, an interior designer in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, wanted to honor her client’s Greek heritage by including a Greek Key border on the Basket Weave area rug.

Sheila Wach of Casa del Pacifico wanted a Palm Leaf border on the natural fiber rug using a burlap stamp.

Natural fiber rugs are an important part of interior décor.  A canvas rug using the colors and design features while providing that natural look is the best of both worlds.

What design detail would YOU include? Share your thoughts in the comment area below. 

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