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Custom Kitchen Runners

kitchen runner rugs

Kitchen runner rugs made from canvas are washable and non-slip.

This is a story about how looking around and grabbing details from the surrounding area can come together to make a beautiful piece of art for the floor.

Helen was tired of slipping on her tile floor. She contacted me to make a rug for her kitchen. First, she sent pictures of colors in her kitchen, a white floor, bright yellow handles on the cupboards, and a green enamel pot.


She liked the Greek Key border on a rug in her living room visible from the kitchen, then she showed me a painting that hung in her kitchen of yellow flowers.


A kitchen runner rug design was born.

To present the idea in a clear way I made a small hand-painted rendition for Helen. She loved it but mentioned the flowers needed to be placed vertically considering her approach to the kitchen! This is an important detail when hand painting kitchen runner rugs, how you enter a room, and how the design should be placed!

kitchen runner rugs

Now it’s time to paint!

The most challenging part was making the stamp of the Greek Key design.

 Proportions are very important when making any rug design.

How wide is the border?

How wide is the center?

I carved a stamp for the Greek Key design and after stamping passed over the design with paint to make it more solid. Helen wanted pure gold, not yellow, so this paint came from a tube.

I painted the border first and then the three sets of flowers as per Helen’s instructions. She was very involved in every aspect of the process. It was great to have her input and I showed her the design every step of the way.

Finally, I paid a visit and Helen gave me a tour of her lovely home. I installed the rug with putty tack so now there will be no more slipping!

Contact me with your ideas or we can work together to create a unique canvas rug for your home. Sometimes when I throw ideas out a client will become clearer not only on what they want but what they don’t want.

Every piece is a journey.

Please comment below and give me your thoughts about this design or any questions you might have about kitchen runner rugs.



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  1. Been very busy this summer. Looking forward to winter to be holed up and doing my painting and sewing. Just a note to say that I am impressed with your artistic ability. That is an understatement. Your canvases are absolutely beautiful. Your articles make me laugh out loud. Keep on keeping on Laurel.


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