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Red flowers, Ferrari red goes tropical

Red flowers

Red flowers abstract nature design

Red flowers abstract design for kitchen rugs on a beautiful property in Costa Rica was an inspiration from art, nature, and a great red wall!

My friend Adele Lurie (check out her website for dōTERRA Oils!) asked me to her home to talk about where we could put canvas rugs.

First, she took me all around her yard with fruit trees, herbs, and plants. We crushed herbs to smell and looked at the flowers around her home. She even took me to her secret garden, a hidden spot with potential for magic.

Then we took a tour of her newly remodeled home. I admired the art and artifacts and the oh-so-many bathrooms! Each room had a special charm and purpose.

Red flowers create a unified look for large connecting rooms.

The entrance into the living room is wide and expansive. Large glass doors look out onto the backyard with fruit trees. Huge trees line the walls surrounding the yard.

red flowers
Ferrari Red!

One long wall on one side is a bright explosive red. Ferrari red! The living room is open to the kitchen to the right and a small desk sits between with tall upholstered stools in an abstract flower design.

Red enamel lamps and red prayer flags adorn the kitchen that looks straight out onto the red wall. with hanging pots of flowers attached making it a merry cheerful ambiance.

 Starting from scratch with a new design.

Adele said,” I have no idea of what to put here.” We had decided on two small kitchen rugs one for the sink and one for the stove.

A design sprang into my head. I said I have an idea but let me draw it up for you.

Red flowers
Red flowers abstract design sample

I have never had to start with a blank slate before. The idea was for an abstract red flower design. I wanted a pop of red color on a dark green background to tie the kitchen décor to the red wall so I made up a mock design using paints on paper and sent it to Adele. I also sent a picture of the Banana Leaf Design and some ethnic border designs too.

Adele showed the Italian Architect who had advised her to paint the wall red. He said, “ Go for the Red Flower design.” She said, “That’s a high compliment!”

And so the Red Flower Abstract Nature design was born.

I’ve done nature designs for many years, but this was my first abstract design.

Here they are on the table.

red flowers

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  1. Fun to discover the history for the rug you are now painting for my office Laurel…..looking forward to the artistic piece! Thanks, Lisa


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