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Tropical Rugs-Where Color is King

tropical rugs

Tropical rugs

Tropical rugs are art on the floor. Not every room can take a huge splash of color on the floor. If you have solid colors for the furniture upholstery and want some bright colors, then tropical rugs could be your answer!

A painted piece on the floor makes a bold statement. With so many colors it’s best to choose one or two colors for coordinating decorating touches, like throw pillows. In the living room, you can see more of the art if you have a glass coffee table.

A bright tropical design works for an entranceway as well.

It’s a beautiful way to enter the house and feel the cheery energy coming from the plants and flowers of the tropics.

Last year I painted tropical rugs for two bathrooms. These were quite small, made to go in front of the shower in two very beige bathrooms. Since the clients lived in the tropics and had bright greens and flowers just outside the window, this design was perfect.

bathroom rug sets
Non slip bathroom rug for shower

Bryan contacted me to say he saw this design and wanted a 52″ x 93″ (4’4″ x 7′ 9″)  for his kitchen for his cabin in Minnesota. He loved the bright red flowers and I imagine it’ll make his mornings bright and cheery to have a tropical area rug in the kitchen!

The blog Bathroom Rug Sets  has two small rugs and so I used both designs for the large area rug. First, I painted the background using wash techniques making a subtle background for the bright tropical flowers to pop out on.

tropical rugs


Then I painted the bright flowers using the designs from both tropical area rugs.

And here was the problem because Bryan only wanted the bright red flowers from one of the rugs.

My philosophy is making your clients happy.

Usually, I show a photo before I varnish, not that it would have made a difference as this rug was completely painted. Now I begin painting a new rug for Bryan and write this to share that yes! I now have a tropical area rug for sale!

My new procedure is to make a mockup of every design for the client to sign off on before beginning. As my art progresses and designs vary this will help both myself and the client.

Where would a tropical rug design go in your home? 

As a long porch runner rug ? (summer is coming!) The kitchen, entranceway, bathroom, or living room, are all great places for tropical rugs.

Contact me with your ideas and I’ll draw them up for you.

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  1. I Love this rug – of course it reminds me of my own Art So of course I do Love it!
    Clients are what they are clients, not friends, not Artists – just clients, soooo…. they can’t tell Art but rather their ideas manifested …bla bla –


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