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Abstract rugs, new design, old technique



abstract rugs

Abstract rugs

Abstract rugs are so generic it’s impossible to imagine what they could be. When I get a photo of an abstract design sometimes the hardest part is figuring out how to create the same effect. Especially when I am replicating a design from a traditional fiber rug.

Page sent me photos of rugs she had in her home and asked for two abstract rugs for either side of a sliding glass door going out to her porch.

My question was, “Do you want me to replicate this design?” and she said, ” As close as you can.”
abstract rugs

It took me some time to ponder how I could create a soft abstract design. At first, I thought I would use jute but then it occurred to me to try using a sea sponge,

The first thing to do is create a color palette.

It’s difficult to see the colors on a monitor screen really well. That’s why I ask clients to send me color codes from the paint store. With photos, I zoom in very closely to find the different colors.  Then I create a palette from colors in the studio.

Then came the moment of truth. I started out with a base coat similar to a color in the rug and gently applied one layer after another of colors with the sea sponge. there were actually two different rugs with similar flow of design and I replicated both. My technique is LESS IS MORE.  It’s always easier to add more color than try and take it away.

To see how I use a sea sponge to make abstract rugs check out this video. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more videos as I make them!

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