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Ordering and Shipping Custom Canvas Rugs

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Plant Life Custom Colors

Ordering and shipping custom canvas rugs

What do you think when you see a company in Costa Rica making canvas rugs? Do you wonder about ordering and shipping custom canvas rugs? Will you receive what you wanted? Will it arrive safely?

These are considerations I would have dealing with a custom product coming from a foreign country. So here are some answers to some common questions.

                Building a link of trust with you through communication.

All sales begin with an email. Our work is custom made for each client so communication is paramount to creating a unique canvas rug.

Here is an example.

Katherine found a photo of the Plant Life Design round rug on Pinterest. She asked for the price of this rug in a 6’ round size, also, if different colors could be used. My suggestion was to go to Sherwin Williams and select the base color and any other colors she needs to coordinate with her decor.

Once I have the size and color scheme I send a PayPal billing for a 50% deposit and we’re ready to begin! I communicate with my clients throughout because painting canvas rugs is a long process.

We have to preshrink the canvas, iron, sew, and paint the base coats which takes 3-4 days before we even start painting the design. Once the rug is painted a photo is sent before varnishing in case there is a change or comment on the canvas rug.

Keeping in touch

canvas rug
Canvas Rug Before Varnishing

Hello Katherine,

I hope all is well with you. I am sending a photo of the painted canvas rug. It has not been varnished, that will take a few more days.

 I just wanted you to know how it was progressing and will send a photo of the finished product before shipping. Take care,                         Warm regards,    Laurel

Hi Laurel,

 It looks great!  The pattern is awesome, of course, and the colors came out really well.  Thanks for the update.  I can’t wait to get it!!


The next step to ordering and shipping custom canvas rugs is varnishing. This may take several days. Another photo of the finished product is sent before final billing.

Dear Katherine,

 First of all, I want to thank you for allowing me to create this beautiful canvas rug for you. I loved the different colors; it makes the same design seem so unique.

 I appreciate your patience. We are in the rainy season in Costa Rica which means we have torrential rains EVERY DAY in the afternoons. This does affect the drying times for the varnish. I prefer to allow the varnish to dry well before shipping.

 As a token of my appreciation for your patience you will be receiving a small gift as a thank you ( we’ll keep it as a surprise!)

 So, now we are ready to ship and you will receive the billing for the second half of the payment. Thank you for your trust and for your business,

 I hope you’ll be open to sending me a photo of the rug in it’s new home!                              Warm regards,                                                                                                            Laurel Anderson


Thanks so much! The rug looks great, I can’t wait to get it! No worries about it taking longer to dry. I’m glad you were careful and waited, I would hate for it to get messed up during transport and ruin all your hard work.

 I will definitely send you a picture when I put it out 🙂

Thanks again,                                                                                                                                     Kat

ordering and shipping rugs

 Shipping Canvas Rugs

Our canvas rugs are shipped from Costa Rica DHL Express  I send you the tracking number and I also keep track of your rug until it’s delivered. You’ll also receive my YouTube video on How to Install and Maintain your Custom Canvas Rug.

                                     I want you to feel comfortable every inch of the way.

Check out this YouTube video on how we package the canvas rugs for international shipping!

Please write to ask any questions about the ordering process. 

You can email me at

Message me from my Facebook page

Send me a WhatsApp 506-8383-0407 ( If you’re in the US use 011-506-8383-0407

I look forward to hearing from you


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