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Blue and Gray Area Rugs, River Rocks!

blue and gray area rugs
River Rock Design

Blue and gray area rugs 

in this River Rock Design bring nature and peaceful quality to your interior decor.

The Creation of the River Rock Design

A designer from an interior design company Tamarindo Interiors asked me to create a river rock design for a salon. The round rugs went under the manicurist chairs. That shows how durable they are, imagine those chairs rolling back and forth all day!

The original river rock design was in grays and browns in a very small size of rock. You could call it the pebble design! Then I created larger gray and blue rocks, and of course, this design can be made in ANY COLOR!

Nature’s Designs

The patterns and colors of nature are beautiful inspirations. Notice the bark on the trees, the blends of greenery in a park, the shimmer of grains of sand, ripples on water, rocks on the river’s shore.

Living in a lush tropical country like Costa Rica, nature surrounds us, and a nature design on the floor is a way to invite your surroundings into your interior.

This was Barb’s idea for the blue and gray area rug for her living room. Barb’s home overlooks trees, gardens, and her beautiful rock garden. One blue wall gives a bold pop of color, and her dark gray couch gave her the idea for the River Rock design.

I’ll never do that again.

Barb and I communicated by What’s app. I sent her photos of both the Brown and gray (I’ll now call it the Pebble Design) and the larger River Rock design. She re-sent a photo that I didn’t see correctly and I ended up painting the wrong design! I only add this because at the end of this blog you’ll get a special offer for this rug!

Her eyes popped out when I rolled it out and I said” No problem, I’ll make you the right rug.” But from now on communication is by email with BIG pictures!

As the rug progressed, I sent photos and adjusted colors as she requested. At first, I had too much of the bright blue and toned down the colors for a more subtle effect.

blue and gray area rugs

 Blue and Gray Area Rugs the River Rock Design

Barbs’ area rug finally found its home. I love the glass table that shows the design even more.

It brings in the nature visible from her large sliding glass doors and goes beautifully with her furnishings and walls. I even make her a set of placemats in appreciation of her understanding and the extra wait time.

Whether you are surrounded by nature and want to invite it into your home or living in the city and want a touch of nature on your floor, let me design an area rug to fit into your home and décor.

SPECIAL OFFER: THIS GORGEOUS 5’ X 8’ AREA RUG in the Pebble Design for the special price of $800.00   That’s $200 off the regular price. Send me an email at

Oh, and did I mention this includes shipping?

Blue and gray area rugs
Pebble Design

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