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Geometric rug makes a kitchen shine

geometric rug
Wrap around geometric rug for kitchen

Geometric Rug with custom shape

The geometric rug is a design I have NEVER made and so I welcomed trying out this new design! Designer Diana Coto contacted me to create a new design for a kitchen rug using this photo of a geometric rug.geometric rug

I took the photo to a printing shop to have it enlarged to be able to apply it to a rug. It didn’t work! This photo was a rug at an angle. But Gerardo at  Reprocentro  Copiers created a large design using squares and triangles. Now I was ready to try out some colors. 

geometric rug
Design with sample colors

We figured it would be four colors but Diana wanted to see a sample before moving ahead. She didn’t want the golden yellow to overtake the design and wanted a sense of how it would look before continuing. This was to be a very large kitchen rug!

Here is the first sample with the yellow, green, and two tones of taupe. After seeing the yellow Diana decided to eliminate it and asked to enlarge some areas of the light taupe to open up the geometric design.

These were not the exact colors. I mixed colors approximate to what would be used to give an idea of how it would look.

We did not want to invest in paint colors we wouldn’t be using. I have sufficient paint in the studio to create colors for samples when working up a design,

geometric rug
Approved sample design and colors

Geometric Design check! Colors, check!

This is the most challenging shape I had ever made for a client. This geometric rug was going to replace a rug I made several years ago. It’s a very unusual shape with an angle where the counters turn and different widths according to the walkway in the kitchen. I was happy to have the old rug as a pattern. It still looked great after 6 years but the owner wanted a new fresh look so I was happy to make a new one!

We laid out the design and traced it onto the rug. Then I color-coded the whole thing before painting.

geometric rug

Here it is in two colors. I like this look too!

geometric rug

Here is the entire rug. It’s hard to see the size which is more evident in the photos of the kitchen. This is to show the unusual shape. 

geometric rug

Here are some more views.

geometric rug

Last one, promise.


I know that making a custom rug for your home is a big decision. I am here to help you every step of the way. We can talk design, colors. I can make samples, and make a rug in any shape or size you need. I have made 2′ x 3′ all the way to 9′ x 15′! And as you can see unusual shapes, while a challenge, is not impossible. Contact me for a free consult.

Let’s play!

Canvas rugs are a design choice and a lifestyle choice. Easy living,


1 thought on “Geometric rug makes a kitchen shine”

  1. Laurel:
    This rug is totally awesome and must have been a fun challenge for you. I really enjoy keeping up with you via your newsletters and keep hoping that I’ll have a need for one of your creations at some point. Life here in the mountains of North Carolina is good and, in many ways, is similar to life in Costa Rica. It’s a temperate rain forest with so much beauty and wonderful people. Be well!!!
    Debi Gedling


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