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Porch Rugs Living the Life

Custom canvas rug at entry to home

Porch Rugs Are the Bomb

Porch rugs are about the indoor lifestyle outdoors. For you in the north, summer is here! It’s time to gather on the porch for barbecues, visiting, and tall glasses of lemonade.

For those of us in Costa Rica the rain is upon us. But it’s lovely to sit on the porch as the rains come down.

There are more options than ever for outdoor porch rugs. There are natural fibers, plastic and synthetic fibers that come in all shapes and sizes.

I am here of course to talk about canvas rugs as porch rugs. We make them in all shapes and sizes to fit into any size porch.

What colors?

Of course, your décor is a big factor in choosing colors but you also need to think about where you live, and where you’ll put the mat when choosing a color.

Darker hues work well for urban environments, and if you are placing the mat in a high traffic area where people – especially kids & dogs – will be tromping through damp or muddy ground and then across your brand new rug.

canvas rugs in situ
Porch rugs

What shape?

To choose the right shape first look at your existing layout and determine how you want to group your furniture.

If you’re trying to tie together a conversation area, choose a mat that complements the space you have.

Choose a square or rectangle for your grouped  furniture but the floor covering that you choose should be large enough that at least the front legs of the larger pieces of furniture touch the edge,

If you have an outdoor coffee table, it should be able to fit on the rug with plenty of room left over so it doesn’t look skimpy. About two extra feet of border space is recommended by most experts.

Round tables look nice on a round or oval rug, but again, be sure the pieces all fit, even when the chairs are pulled out.


If you don’t have furniture weighing down your mat, it’s important to properly secure it. Then you don’t have to worry about slipping when you step on it.

Canvas rugs work well because they are fastened to the floor with a removable putty tack making them non-slip porch rugs.

Outdoor porch rugs they are not,

Canvas rugs are perfect on covered porches,

They’re sealed with polyurethane varnish so they can withstand heavy traffic. If some rain blows in they are easy to mop up just as you would on the rest of the porch.

If some sun shines on them partially they are fine as long as they are not out in the full sun all day.

Long porch rugs?

As you can see there is no limit to the lengths we’ll go to make a canvas rug. The one featured here is 24 ft long,

Feel free to connect with me anytime to talk about a porch rug for your home. The porch life is one to be enjoyed and admired. For design ideas check out the Design Gallery

Canvas rugs are a lifestyle choice that fit right into this one!

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    • Thank you, Donna, I always try to include those of us who are in Costa Rica and those living in the US and Canada. wherever you are I hope you have a porch you enjoy hanging out on!


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