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Bath runner, one of a kind

bath runner

Bath runner with an exclusive design

Gail wanted a bath runner for the narrow space in her bathroom. The first step was to look at the colors of the room, the floor, and the “flavor” of the ambiance. It’s an unusual room, the toilet at one end and the shower at the other with a narrow strip for the sinks and counter.

Here’s how the conversation went…

bath runner

Gail wrote, “After looking at our bathroom my husband and I think the rug needs some kind of design inside. As the photos show the room’s theme is kind of American Indian. Because in that area it is not “busy” with a wood floor we think some kind of pattern in the middle would be better. Any ideas?”

I sent photos of art and ethnic design rugs I had made and this:

Sample rug design idea for the bath runner.

bath runner

Gail “Thanks for your prompt response. We like the third blue border design the best with the exception of the large off-white/gray symbol on the end. Maybe three smaller symbols like on the other end. What do you think? We just feel that that symbol jumps out at us.

As for the colors, we picked the following from Sherwin Williams as you suggested

Bath runner custom art sample

This is great! A client has a sample to see and can envision the bath runner in the room. They can choose colors from Sherwin Williams because I can have the codes mixed here in Costa Rica.

Please send a revised picture when you have a chance. Thanks “

Here is the finished bath runner from different angles.

bath runner

Another view of the bath runner!

bath runner

As you can see the colors and design unite the two ends of the bathroom with a unique piece of art for the floor that fits and looks JUST RIGHT!         



I use a putty tack to fasten the rugs to the floor. The putty doesn’t stick to the floor or the rugs but it keeps them firmly in place. This really helps to prevent slipping on smooth wet tiles making them a safe option for bathroom rug sets.

Lynda has a runner rug going from the entrance to her living room from the outdoor patio and pool area so she could walk from the pool to her bathroom on a non-slip rug. Then she chose the Green Leaf design for her bathroom set. We also put a small mat in front of the shower. Now she’s covered walking from the pool dripping wet to the bathroom in one fell swoop.

        Photo green Leaf bathroom rugs

Myrna and Jim needed a bright pop of color in their bathrooms. Myrna gave me a photograph of exotic flowers in bright tropical colors. I made Jim’s rug in the same bright primary colors but with different heliconias and bird of paradise flowers. They look spectacular in their bathrooms and offer a safe exit from the shower!

Photo tropical flower bath mats

Contact me if you want design ideas for your bathroom or any other area of your house! A piece of art for the floor, make it fit, make it yours!


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