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Wall Hangings via Canvas Rugs?

Canvas rug as tibetan wall hanging art

Useable Art is still Art

I never studied art. I never considered myself an artist.

In the early 80’s I started a hand painted dress business in Costa Rica. They were made of cotton knit (and I’m bringing them back, hint, hint) and they were used as beach covers. Even then I thought of them as art on a wearable piece of clothing, not art, art, like you would hang on a wall.

Then I made hand painted canvas bags. It was usable art, everyone needs a bag, right? But it wasn’t art, art like you hang on a wall.

Canvas rugs on the Walls?

Then I discovered hand-painted canvas rugs! Now that is usable art. Something for the floor that you can sweep and mop along with the rest of the floor. Something that doesn’t stain or mold or stay dusty or muddy. And at first I made rug designs but then I started painting tropical birds, and abstract designs, and bamboo and guess what?

People started hanging them on the WALLS! So, my pea brain started absorbing the fact, that I really am and always have been an artist. So, now that we have that established let me show you how we convert a canvas rug into a wall hanging.

We sew the rugs with mitered seams and we cut the seam open to insert a rod.

Slide the rod through then attach any decorative end. Put two hooks on the wall and hang the rod.

The rods used are as varied as the style of the art and your décor. This contemporary piece has a beautiful modern rod for the wall hanging. We even inserted a heavy rod in the bottom to weigh it down.

This wall hanging was one of several for a hotel on the beach.  I used bamboo and cord for the rustic décor. This wall hanging just needs one hook on the wall.

And here’s one more, the beautiful Spanish Tile Rug tacked on the wall without a rod.

All of these pieces are made as rugs, so if you want to take them off the wall you can use them on the floor! Double usage for this ART.

Canvas rugs work on the floor and on walls, also as table runners, privacy screens, and many other uses.

They are made to order in any size and any color. Comment below on what pieces you’d like to see on the wall.

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7 thoughts on “Wall Hangings via Canvas Rugs?”

  1. In everyone’s path, there seems to be one bad teacher story. I know that’s true and it pains me to hear them. I have been a teacher all my life and my one committment is “do no harm.”
    It is such a shame society values tea ching so little that they won’t to get the brightest and the best.
    Good for you to realize what happened and overcome it.
    P.S I have always considered you an artist, from the blanket stitched beach cover ups on.
    There is a qualitative creative difference between handicrafts and art. Your creativity oozes. Color yourself artist. Martha

  2. You are truly an artist! I have been enjoying all of the work you do from a long distance. I, too, never considered myself an “artist”, just a weaver and calligrapher, again “useful” things. But I always thought that being an artist is what I wanted to be. I suppose it’s not too late, right?

    Thanks for all the inspiration, Laurel. I enjoy your newsletter so much!


  3. Laurel,
    You are a bright light. People may not know how words hurt people. You rose above ( years later,) but, I’m so glad you shared this story. We all have a story. And I also have been hurt. As a young enthusiastic kid.
    Your gift and creative ways of using bright/happy colors, are positive.
    Your so generous with your knowledge and experience. I’m still trying to figure out my rugs. The first 2 I painted the varnish coat too thick and never cured properly .
    It’s ok, I’m finish 3rd one , will lay varnish LIGHTLY next week.
    Keep spreading the happiness !
    Pam Yocom

  4. Hi Laurel,
    Thank you for sharing the story about your “teacher.” What an awful person!
    What is important is that you preservered and are successful doing what you love! You are so fortunate.
    I feel fortunate for having met you, and for the lovely art piece you created which l enjoy so much. It will continue to be the centerpiece by which l decorate and arrange my living space. It fills me with joy and inspiration everyday. It arrived safely in Santa Fe; can’t wait to get going in my new digs! Best of luck and much happiness to you. Hope we cross paths again!

  5. Laurel – I so much love your rugs! I am a friend of Juliana’s (I live in the States) and heard about your work and saw photos of the rug you did for her. I have been following you ever since! Using rugs, and particularly your rugs, as wall hangings is simply a genius idea! I can’t wait to visit Juli again so that I can come visit your shop and choose something for myself. You are an artist!

  6. I have watched your creative talents develop and shared some of the success. Your flexability in the various product lines definitely supports the true definition to design …..Laurel ORIGINALS.


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