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Redecorating, What’s So Scary About Color?


Redecorating (or is it just decorating?)

When you’re redecorating does a whole new color scheme scare the &^%$(*& out of you? What? Color? You mean beige isn’t a color? Yes, beige is a color and there are many shades of beige to prove it. But how about taking a risk and put some COLOR on the walls.

Is your home a hodgepodge of whatever you got your hands on and now it’s a bit confusing? Or do you just want to make a change? Paint the walls a new color, make some new details like throw pillows to brighten the place up.

Where does decorating start? Does the rug come at the beginning or the end?

I decided to do both by changing the wall colors and paint a new canvas rug for the living area with the same colors. I knew I wanted to do the Quilt Design on the border and put a simpler design in the center where the coffee table goes.

Finding Inspiration

redecoratingI wasn’t sure what, maybe a tile design and then I saw a beautiful tile on Facebook and it was love at first sight. Herringbone tiles in a delicious green. I used lighter colors for the center of the rug but I’m making a companion rug for the kitchens in darker colors. I live in a very small house with the living dining and kitchen area all in one big room so I want continuity with the rugs.


The Quilt Design has a lot of colors.  I used the colors of the furniture I already had like my captain’s chairs painted an olive green with bright red cushions. Olive green, red, check. Dark green on my back wall and light green from my walls, check and check.


I’m redecorating based on the colors and design in my rug. Do you decorate first, with your furniture, wall colors, art and then try to find a rug that will fit in?

Another option is to design a rug while using colors from your fabrics and floor and wall colors. That way you’re doing it all at once.

When you are designing a custom canvas rug you can do it at the start, the middle or the end. And in the end, you’ll never see your rug in someone else’s home.

How do you use rugs in your interior décor?

How did you decide on a rug? Was it easy to find what you wanted?  Have you ever thought of designing your own?

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1 thought on “Redecorating, What’s So Scary About Color?”

  1. The rug looks a whole lot better live, as it were, in your house. I feel like , yeah, I saw the real one. Very lucky I am.

    To answer your decorating question. I always start with neutral walls and furniture because I want the artwork to shine. That would include a rug. Then I can move everything around for a different color emphasis whenever I want.

    Thankyou for this lively newsletter every month. I always enjoy it.

    Martha. Piamonte


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