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African Art for Ethnic Design

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Custom Rugs for Interior Design

Tribal Art, African Art, African Tribal Art

African Art provides a wide variety of custom design ideas on large area rugs and other textiles for the home interior. Tribal art is of the most popular design themes in any country, including Costa Rica!  

Often people ask, “Where do you get your ideas for custom canvas rug designs?” and my answer is everywhere!

Africa Art
Inspirational African Art Design

When I come across a pattern, a combination of colors, or a piece of interesting fabric, I take a photo and keep it in my treasure trove of design ideas. One design came from the back of a canvas chair with an African art motif. I took a picture and saved it for a rainy day.

While installing a canvas rug for a client in her bathroom; her neighbor had come by and tried the feel of the canvas rug under her feet.  “I didn’t think I’d like the feel of it,” the neighbor confessed, “But when I walked on it (barefoot) it felt good and gives a nice contrast to the hard ceramic floor.”

My then new client decided to have a custom rug made for her office!

 Creating Custom Art from Home Motif

She provided photos of designs and images from floors, walls, art and other sources that appealed to her to give me an idea of what she had in mind. A particular African art image (from pillows) not only offered a design idea but the colors and tones helped me to understand the expression she wanted for her canvas rug.

Africa Art
Interior Decor Motif

Recycling African Art Ideas

I remembered the African art on the canvas chair and thought  “This would be perfect!” and the client loved it too.  We decided to use the design for the border and use a different stamp for the center of the rug.

When I begin the process of making a custom canvas rug it takes a day or two for me to think about how the design will be applied. Will it be hand painted or would using a stamp be better?

I love stamping because the unevenness of hand stamping gives the rug a textured look.

Because this project incorporated a design from an African art motif, which looked hand stamped and hand dyed, I made stamps for each of the borders and the inserted diamond design for the center.

For the center of the area rug I took a coarse piece of burlap and painted it with a slightly darker tone than the base color. It looked as though it was an antiqued (worn) rug one might have discovered in a Marrakesh marketplace.

A Perfect Fit
A Perfect Fit

When creating a custom rug for a home using existing interior decor, the result is a perfect fit.

The African art canvas area rug on the tile floor picked up all of the other design elements and unified the entire look of the room.

This is our passion.Join us on our design board named Inspirations for Canvas Rugs in Pinterest and you can collaborate by pinning your own design inspirations. We look forward to seeing you!



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