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Bathroom Rugs Artfully Done


bathroom rugs
Mosaics for Bathrooms

Bathroom Rugs: The Finishing Touch

Creating a design for custom bathroom rugs aligns the rug with existing bathroom decor. A bathroom rug brings all of the decorating elements together for a finished look.

However, there are times when an artist wants to create a unique design just to play with color and form. This is a good time to review all of the pages from magazines that were ripped out with inspiring pictures for a design, color, color combinations, themes, and ideas.

bathroom rugs
Inspiration for Designs

I saved this picture of small iridescent mosaic tiles  Mosaics are often used in showers and bathrooms. We use bathroom rugs to accent a highlight or tone from the colors in the bathroom tiles. The shimmering tiles shown here were marked as an idea either for a border or the center for designing bathroom rugs. Another picture featured an intertwining design on a plate. After deciding to use the iridescent mosaic tile design for the center, the plate design inspired the border

When looking more closely, the simple pale colors of the mosaic are actually many colors that complement each other. A touch of iridescent paint added to the latex gives a soft shimmering effect. The intertwining design is shaded to give depth and movement.

As soon as the canvas bathroom rug was completed a client decided it was perfect for her beach home.

That often happens when inspiration strikes!

Sealed Canvas Rugs For Bathrooms

Using a painted and sealed canvas for bathroom rugs has many advantages. They stand up to the humidity of a bathroom and water can be easily wiped off. Traditional bathroom rugs can develop mold from the humidity while frequent washing adds to the energy bill as well as causing colors to fade. Not so with polyurethane sealed canvas bathroom rugs.

Selecting colors from a paint swatch ensures that the exact shades of colors needed for an exclusive design are at your fingertips. Sealed canvas bathroom rugs can be made to fit any size bathroom. You can use them next to the tub or in front of the bathroom mirror. Or, if are not happy with the floor tile the previous owner chose bathroom rugs can cover the entire floor!

The beautiful beach house where this bathroom rug was placed featured a technique whereby

bathroom rug
Mosaic Canvas Rug

stone was used on the counter with soft terracotta colored grout. The delicate colors of the mosaics in this original design the bathroom rug picks up the pink tones beautifully and fits right in with the eclectic doors made from hardwoods.

It is very reminiscent of a Balinese style home.

When perusing magazines and a color or design jumps out, save it in a life style design folder. When redecorating or building your dream home from scratch, remember that hand painted canvas bathroom rugs reflect your unique style and we are happy to help you create it.

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