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Custom Pricing for Area Rugs


custom pricing

Custom Pricing

“How much are they?” is the question everyone asks. Custom design means custom pricing for our hand painted area rugs. And that’s a good thing! Each canvas rug is designed for its own space and the designs are as varied as the clients who purchase them.

If you look at the Design Gallery page you’ll find just a few of the designs we’ve created over the twelve years we’ve been painting canvas rugs in Costa Rica. You’ll see different price ranges depending on the intricacy and labor for each type of design. Sometimes we use two types of designs on one rug from different prices ranges.

Border Design Canvas Rugs

We created a beautiful canvas rug for a home in Atenas. When visiting new clients I like to bring several samples of runner rugs to show designs and to introduce the rugs themselves. You can read about the rugs, see pictures of the rugs, but until you touch and feel them they are hard to imagine when you are not familiar with them.

custom area rug


They loved the Black Circle Design Rug and decided we would create a border with this. I suggested the simple Basket Weave design for the center area that would go under the coffee table.

Canvas Rugs, canvas floor cloth, interior design, area rugs, design decorThis breaks up the intensity of the Circle Design and also brings light to the center of the rug.We chose the  Basket Weave Design with colors for the new upholstery for the couch.

Some of the design details from the throw pillows are incorporated into the rug as well!

Two Price Points

When invoicing a rug with this combination I measure each area and price accordingly.

It’s custom pricing for a custom designed rug.

custom pricingThe best way for us to price a canvas rug is to get out your measuring tape! When contacting me have your measurements and any design ideas or designs selected from the Design Gallery ready so we can discuss your custom pricing options.


Each rug we design is as unique as your home and your very special personality. Look at our Rug Prices and Quotes page for all the different ways you can contact me with any of your design or pricing questions. I am totally accessible to talk with you.

It’s what I love to do!







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