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Canvas Placemats, a Surprising Evolution in Tableware

Canvas Placemats
Canvas Placemats, One of a Kind Design


It’s The Combination of Material That Makes It.

The concept of using canvas with paint and varnish for a placemat is in itself an interesting prospect. It’s amazing how these materials come together to make such a unique product that can be made to fit into or create any décor.

When starting out with a heavy weight canvas it’s hard to believe how much this piece of material changes with the addition of paint, making canvas placemats sturdy yet flexible. In addition, the final touch of polyurethane varnish gives the canvas a texture often mistaken for leather!

Go into a paint store and look at all those colors. What colors would go with your table? What combination of colors would go with your room? Hand painted canvas placemats can be made with your exact décor and colors in mind.

Choosing Color And Design, A Two Sided Proposition.

Using a technique for painting and pressing actual plants we developed a line of hand painted

Aboriginal Art
Bold Ethnic Design Placemats

canvas placemats for restaurants and homes. This technique is popular in Costa Rica because it is a country associated with lush foliage and tropical plants. However there is no limit as to the design used on hand painted placemats. Inspiration from Aboriginal art created these bold ethnic design placemats.

Painting both sides of a canvas placemat gives twice the value! The second side can be a completely different design that has no relation to the first design. Or, the second side can have the same colors and be used to combine with the first, giving a myriad of combinations when setting the table.

For example, using a sponge technique with two colors that are in the first side of the place mat gives three options, using one side, or the other or mixing the two sides in one setting.

Usually a design for a placemat is focused around the edges. The center will hold plate or a bowl so the design on the sides is where the eye is drawn, If a placemat is a permanent setting on the table without plates until it is set then a design covering the entire piece is a good idea.

Let’s Do It Together!

Hand painted canvas placemats can be as unique and as individual as you and your décor. If you wish to order from Laurels Originals Placemat page, email Laurel and she will send you an order form. Laurel is also giving classes in her studio in Santa Barbara de Heredia, Costa Rica! If you live in Costa Rica, or plan to visit, come and see Laurel on her beautiful organic farm in the hills and learn to make your own canvas placemats!

Canvas Placemats
Laurel making Canvas Placemats

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