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Hotel Room Decoration,and canvas rugs? Really?

hotel room decoration
Runner rugs in Manchebo Beach Resort

Hotel Room Decoration in Aruba

Hotel room decoration should be as comfy as home but feel like you are definitely not at home. A hotel can bring a sense of fantasy and magic to add to a vacation. It’s not just a place to sleep, it’s part of the experience.

htoeRecently I was invited to go to Aruba (whoo hoo!) to visit the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa. This is one of the first hotels built on the coast and maintains its homey atmosphere with only two floors as compared to the towering multi-storied hotels up and down the coast.

Bill Crona, the company director of Manchebo Resort, wanted me to get a feel for the hotel to come up with custom designs for the rooms.

I took two runners for a room so the managers and head of housekeeping could get to know the canvas rugs. Marlene, a beautiful Aruban woman head of housekeeping was number one, pleased to see a pop of bright color in the room and two, have something so easy to take care of. They use Swiffer and those work perfectly with the canvas rugs. No more shaking out jute mats full of sand!

hotel room decoration
Designing an area rug for Ike’s Bistro

Then I visited Ike’s Bistro to design two area rugs for the lounge area of the restaurant. I took photos of the surrounding plants and used my paint swatch kit to create a subtle yet detailed custom design. Here they are in my studio but I look forward to sharing photos when the rugs are installed in their rightful home. See if you can find the details from my photos in the rugs!

hotel room decoration
Custom Design Area Rugs

 Custom design for a magical place

I traveled the island to see the animals and plant life. I snorkeled the incredibly blue sea to see the corals and fish for local inspiration. Customization takes time to know the environment to convey unique art for hotel room decoration.

Hotels appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the care and maintenance of these durable rugs. They resist stains and high foot traffic. They’re perfect for beach resorts such as Manchebo Resort and Spa in Aruba. Or in mountain resorts as featured in the Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Resort in Costa Rica.

“Our canvas rug in the lobby has withstood foot and suitcase traffic for seven years and still looks perfect.” Says Johnny Alvarado, manager of the Finca Rosa Blanca.

hotel room decoration
Sunset in Aruba

Hotel room decoration is a vital part of making a vacation stay worth remembering, We make canvas rugs as a unique option with exclusive designs made to fit in with existing décor or made to stand out. I’m excited about the prospect of decorating the rooms of Manchebo! It’s an incredible place to visit!

Do you have a hotel you want to make a special rug for? Write to me!


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  1. Laurel,

    We love you and we miss you. As Tim says, “We’re freezing. Help!”
    It is already cold here and in Eau Claire, Wisconsin the other day, we had an inch of snow! We’re delicate, now after being in Costa Rica for the past two winters.
    We are jealous of your exploits into Aruba but we are happy for you. It looks like a beautiful place and you are making gorgeous rugs, etc. for this resort.
    We love getting these newsletters from you.

    Stay healthy and keep creating beauty.


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