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Runner rugs, let me take you there.

runner rugs

The most versatile rug

Runner rugs are one of the most versatile pieces in your interior décor puzzle. They make long hallways inviting. They run alongside your bed, in the kitchen, on your porch or entranceway.

Canvas runner rugs are even more versatile because they’re made as long and as wide as you want.  When you have visible area rugs it’s good to have the rugs complement each other. That doesn’t mean it has to be matchy-matchy but use some element in both rugs with either design or color.

Back in Nosara

In our last project in the Nosara condo ( yes, we went back!) the client asked for a runner rug in one of the bedrooms to complement the rugs we made for him there.

As you enter the room you see next to the bed a simple Jute Stamp runner with red and black borders.  As you enter the room you see the Banana Tree rug in between the two queen beds with another Jute Stamp rug on the other side of the second bed.

He suggested I might have to make two rugs but with our versatile canvas runner rugs I made a runner 160” long, that’s 13’4”!  This rug complements the Banana Tree by using only the leaves of the tree and also Jute Stamp borders. It looks so inviting to see this long runner as you enter the room and the Banana Tree in the center is a beautiful surprise!


runner rugs
The Banana Tree


We also made a runner for the hallway using the same Quilt Design found in the bathrooms and the Jute Stamp in the center. This complements the Jute Stamp in the bedroom.


Although runner rugs aren’t traditionally used in a kitchen, canvas rugs are the best.They are sealed and impermeable to liquids and food. You can even use disinfectant on them!

Here is a video of a beautiful runner we created for an art gallery in the US.


Where could you put a runner rug? A long patio or covered porch? Contact me to play with ideas. I do all things custom so there is no too narrow or too long.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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