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Non slip canvas rugs

non slip area rugs
Non slip backing

Ideas for non-slip canvas rugs

Many people have written to ask how to keep the canvas area rugs from slipping. I was packaging a canvas rug for a client to try out on her slated porch and made this video about different options for non-slip canvas rugs.  Some like to use a rubber backing to keep a canvas rug from slipping. I always use putty tack around the edges. If I do use a backing for an extra cushion on the rug I still use the putty tack especially on the corners to keep from scuffing the edges of the rug.

Check out the video and if you have comments please write them below. I welcome all the ideas to share!

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2 thoughts on “Non slip canvas rugs”

  1. Laurel – you are the best! I just converted a 3×4’ canvas acrylic painting my daughter did in 9th grade to a canvas rug. The stretcher bars were broken and it had been knocked around in her garage. I took it from the trash pile. Washed it up in tub, and made a rug for beside my bed. I have a handmade denim patchwork bedspread, so it matches!

    I have a BAFA and I teach fashion courses at TX Tech when they need me. My walls are covered with art, but my wooden floors are not —- yet! I love frontier and primitive, and, in fact am working on the development of a tiny town to use arts & culture to grow the town. You should find it interesting as a key component is to maintain the 1800’s feel.

    My one question is this: do you coat the backside of the rug with paint or poly or both? I have not found that answer online. Plz advise.

    I don’t see where I could send a photo.


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