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Kiva Loans: 5% From Laurel’s Originals

Kiva Loans Helping Others in Business

Laurel is committed to donating 5% from the sale of all of her Laurel’s Originals products – canvas rugs, interior decor items and canvas totes and bags, to helping women (and men) in Costa Rica get the assistance they need to start, grow and/or maintain their business with small micro-lending (kiva) loans through the Kiva Organization. Watch the video above to learn more why Laurel is so passionate about this program

When a client or customer makes a purchase for a Laurel’s Originals product, once the item has been sent or delivered, Laurel makes contact with her customer to let them know that 5% of their purchase is going towards a Kiva loan to help someone with their business in Costa Rica. Laurel welcomes any questions about the program and can tell you more about the woman she has assisted locally through the Kiva loans program – simply contact Laurel directly.

Giving Back and Paying it Forward

In May of this year (2012) Laurel had been introduced to the Kiva Organization and had felt compelled to participate with providing funding for Kiva loans. She wrote a blog post about Giving and paying It forward and has since been deeply touched by the response of all involved in the process.

For those in business there is no greater joy than knowing whatever you are doing, it is the helping someone else part that makes the greatest impact,” promises Laurel Anderson. “I just love letting my customers know, after their purchase, how they participated (often unknowingly) in the circle.”

Is giving back a part of your purchase making decision? What do you do to pay it forward in your life? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Leave a comment below. And if the mood strikes, please… share this post.

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