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Wall Tapestries

wall tapestries
Wall Tapestries: Modern Art

Canvas & Design: Modern Art Wall Tapestries

Having just completed a large wall hanging for a client I recall that canvas floor cloths originated in France in the 1400’s as spin-offs from wall tapestries. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the British took this art form and put them on the floor. From there the idea traveled to the USA; colonists used ship’s sails to cover their floors. Here in Costa Rica canvas floor cloths, or canvas rugs, are also being used as wall tapestries. Full circle, I love it!

One of the biggest advantages to this type of wall tapestry is that we can make it to customize the size for any area. Clients have often purchased our runner rugs to hang from their large wall space. Once a canvas wall tapestry is sealed with varnish it is just as easy to care for as a canvas rug. Dust and moisture can be simply wiped down, with no glass to polish, no deterioration or staining. Very low maintenance art.

Rustic Wall Hangings, Modern Interiors

wall hanging
Tropical Wall Hanging

One of our first clients was the owner of Hotel Canciones del Mar who, while perusing our website for canvas rug ideas, came across our wall hangings. He questioned, rather surprised, ” You can put these on the walls?” I then showed him the custom wall hanging entitled, Cahuita Life and he became so excited exclaiming, “I want these!”  These particular modern wall tapestries of original art – of waves and jungle were hung on a bamboo rod; we simply pushed through the upper seam with a cord. This was a rustic style in keeping with the natural décor of this seaside hotel.

wall tapestries
Modern Art Wall Tapestries

In contrast, Cindy has a very modern condominium nested in the hills of Escazú. Tones of burnished silver and black leather furniture gleam against neutral painted walls; the décor definitely needed a bit of color. In the design process, she showed me a photo to give me an idea for an abstract wall hanging. The colors are soft pastels and suggest that of gazing out a window to gentle clouds and a soothing sea. I provided the wall tapestry with a heavy rod in the bottom seam to keep it from blowing about during a heavy breeze. Cindy purchased a beautiful wrought iron rod to go through the top from which to hang the tapestry. She loved the opportunity to not only choose the art and exact colors but also the size to fit perfectly in the area she envisioned.

Endless Interior Design Ideas

Hand painted canvas wall tapestries can also mimic hanging wall art by painting matting and framing around the piece. In fact, the borders can be just as intriguing as the painting itself; customizing colors and size provides endless interior décor possibilities.

Wall tapestries have long been a way to warm a room, from cold castle walls to a contemporary condominium. As much as we love to make custom rugs of canvas for floors, we equally relish creating hand painted wall tapestries unique to a home or business hanging on modern day walls.

6 thoughts on “Wall Tapestries”

  1. Hi Laurel,
    I live in new jersey and would love to try my hand at my own rug and wall hanging. We have a luau at our shore house every year and i really would like to do tropical mural. I’m assuming you prime the canvas with something. Do you add something tote acrylic paint so it will adhered to the fabric? Would be hanging it outdoors. Do you poly your wall hangings also? Thanks for sharing. You truly inspired me!! I’m anxious to read your answers to my questions. Thanks again,

    • Hi Ginny!
      Before sewing and painting canvas we preshrink using hot water(on both sides)and let it dry. I use latex house paint and I do not use a primer, except I do paint a base coat, two coats for rugs, and paint the design on that. If you are going to hang it outdoors do seal with polyurethane and you can even apply a coat on the back for extra protection. Do not hang it in the direct sun, it will discolor the varnish. Have fun! and thanks for signing up for our newsletter!

  2. Hey Laurel, I’d love to see more of the borders you were referring to in a future post, as the tapestries you have here are great. Looks like I’ll be adding that to my future ‘to-do” list. Thanks for the great ideas.


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