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Coffee Kitchen Rug, Delicious!

A  Toast to Coffee with a Kitchen Rug

One of life’s sublime moments comes from that first sip of a morning cup of coffee.

When asked what design our client wanted for her kitchen rug she said, “The first thing I think of in the morning is coffee.”  Hence the creation of a coffee theme kitchen rug.

This particular kitchen rug was a challenge because of the shape. One corner is cut off at an angle to accommodate the curve in the kitchen furniture.

We decided to make a deep brown border in case the kitchen rug tucked under the furniture, to avoid losing part of the design. My first vision was of small coffee beans but it seemed too busy so I made a stamp of three large coffee beans.

The stamp was painted in such a way as to create a shadow of a rich coffee color with texture and light conveying coffee beans. It looked spectacular! By angling the same stamp every which way the vision was of an array of coffee beans spilled across the kitchen rug.

Custom details to discover

An inner border was hand tinted and stamped in jute representing a coffee sack.  To add just a touch of color to this predominately brown rug I added a few sprigs of the rich green leaves and bright red berries of the coffee plant.

For fun, I painted the word Café (Spanish for coffee) among the coffee beans with steam floating up, not immediately noticeable, but waiting to be discovered.

The kitchen rug is ready to roll and so am I! First, a beautiful drive takes me along the mountainside down to the coast to board the ferry for the hour long trip across the river to the Nicoya Peninsula. From there another 2 hours takes me to the town of Santa Teresa and on up a challenging hill to my client’s house overlooking the ocean.

The Unveiling of the Kitchen Rug.

Waking to the sound of the ocean and the roar of the howler monkeys dawn breaks to a beautiful day. First stop is the coffee pot with Costa Rica’s delicious coffee of course! After our first cup we roll out the coffee theme kitchen rug. The fit is perfect. The canvas gives a nice cushion to the ceramic floor.

The roasted coffee bean design, with bright sprigs of red coffee beans, gives this beautiful

tropical kitchen the final touch.  To cover where the garbage can is a small curtain from muslin was made using the same coffee stamp as the kitchen rug using fabric paint. Nice little surprise.

Thank you, again and again every day! I can’t get over how awesome my kitchen rug is!

Gayle Glenn                   Santa Teresa,Costa Rica

Coffee lovers, consider a coffee theme for your kitchen rug. It makes for a warm and fun design for a cozy ambiance. We love to make rugs that reflect your passion. Write in the comment area what YOUR theme is for a kitchen rug!

5 thoughts on “Coffee Kitchen Rug, Delicious!”

  1. I sat beside you at the women’s meeting in San Isidro de El General……awhile back, but I have been watching your website. I love the coffee rug. But my space is much smaller. Can I measure and get an estimate of what it would cost? At some point I also want to come up to one of your classes. Both of those things…a rug and a class….have been in my “future plans”. :). You nailed it with the coffee rug!

    • Yes, Lynda, that is what so perfect about custom canvas rugs, they can be made to fit into any space. If you want a rug and a class you could come and paint your rug yourself! We’ll have it made to your specifications and have it ready for you to stamp with the coffee stamp. Thank you for writing.

  2. I love the coffee design. It’s very rich and grounding. I think if I could dream up a kitchen rug theme, it would be inspired by an herb garden. I associate fresh herbs with being in the kitchen and I love vibrant colors.

    • Sojourner, an herb rug would be beautiful.I live next to an herb farm and am always inspired by the colors and shapes of the flowers and leaves, as well as tastes and smells! Thank you for sharing!

  3. It’s been 2 years plus and my café rug is still in great shape and still greets me each morning as I enter my kitchen and begin the ritual of brewing my morning cup of delicious Costarican café. Headed there now!


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