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Tibet Rug Designs on Canvas Rugs

Tibet design canvas rug
Tibet Rug Design

Tibet Rug Designs Inspire

I found Tibet Rug Designs when looking for inspiration to create new art from other artists.

While in a working and creative lull, a friend gave me several photographs of Tibet rugs. The colors and symbols were so beautiful and I wanted to create a canvas rug with some of these designs. And so, I painted my first Tibet Rug design wall hanging.

Color and design flowed onto canvas and the energy from painting such powerful symbols was intense.

Tibet  integrated my thoughts, my heart and my creative flow.

As so often happens, out of the blue an email arrived from a client with three photographs of Tibet rug designs. Could I replicate these designs in three 6’ x 7’ rugs for a large room?

Many large rooms may be used for several purposes. This room had a seating area, a dining area and a mediation/ yoga area. Making area rugs helps to identify each space as its own entity.

Use a common theme or  colors to create  unity in one large room.

Canvas rug Tibet Design
Endless Knot Design

This was a brightly colored room with a bright  turquoise wall and colorful prayer flags strung  around the windows. The white tile floor seemed cold and uninviting in comparison.

Although canvas rugs do have a lot of  cushion they are a welcome respite from cold hard ceramic floors. They can give some warmth for a yoga area. The Endless Knot is one of the eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism. It symbolizes the nature of reality where everything is interrelated, the union of compassion and wisdom.  This is a very powerful symbol to place in front of a meditation altar and yoga area, bringing beauty and meaning to this interior décor.

Tibet Design canvas rug
Dining Area Tibet Rug

For the dining area, we used a modified Star of David with very different colors, of turquoise and lavenders. A room of this size can handle this switch in colors. The design was prominent even with the placement under a table. The bold turquoise wave border coordinated with the turquoise walls.

The third canvas rug meant for the seating area, was the Two Tigers Tibet design. The client sent a photo with pink detail but asked for the deep red we used in the endless Knot design. I had to hand draw the tigers, and they came out very well, the client loved it!

Tibet design canvas rug
Two tigers

The fun of it all is that the client will be able to  switch the rugs around and create a new look  with the same spaces.

I always feel honored when a client trusts my  floor art to be placed in their home. This  project in particular   was rewarding in that I  was able to  continue  my fascination with  Tibet rug  designs in a  beautiful home.


What floor art would you put on your floors?

Comment below, I’d love to hear.

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  1. Hi Laurel.
    I am so enthused with your rugs! My favorite remains Tibet but there are so many that I adore. Keep them coming/posted.


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