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Round Rugs Create Space

Round Rugs A Special Space Round rugs create a space that draws you in. It’s a circle, it’s enclosed, it draws the eye to the center and also the area around it. Round rugs can make a small room seem larger and large rooms feel cozier. This round rug in Los Angeles placed under a large comfortable reading … Read more

Frida Kahlo Kitchen Mat

  Frida Kahlo is best known for her self-portraits and bold exotic colors. I love to exp[lore other artist’s work for inspiration. for canvas rugs. Using art from a painting for a canvas rug design opens up infinite possibilities. Evelyn Gallardo, owner of Discovery Beach House in Manuel Antonio had just remodeled her kitchen after the … Read more

Red Lotus Dining Room Rug

 Selecting Art for Dining Room Rug Making the decision to purchase a hand painted dining room rug needs to be taken with care.It is an investment that will be lived with for many years. As Wendy, our most recent client expressed, “I knew I wanted Laurel’s Originals canvas rugs in my home but I had … Read more

Q & A for a Canvas Floor Cloth

A Letter Asking About a Canvas Floor Cloth Hello, I am interested in a canvas floor cloth for our kitchen and I have a few questions. Background: We have a hardwood floor, with a pedestal table and rolling kitchen chairs. The house is a little crooked so the chairs roll away from the table if … Read more

Custom Area Rugs: Getting Design Just So

 An Integral Part of the Interior Design This really lights my creative fire: Creating hand painted custom area rugs with an interior designer from the start of the designer’s project. Why? Because the canvas rug becomes an integral part of the original interior design scheme. The designer connects with the client on a basis of … Read more

Interior Designers: Collaborating Energy

Creating an Interior Designer’s Vision Working with interior designers is an ongoing evolution of communication and development of ideas and techniques. The ideas on the part of the design professionals who know what they want to convey and the techniques of the artisans with whom they work to help express their vision is the glue … Read more